VHS to DVD, Video to DVD, camcorder to DVD transfers

Are you looking to preserve and protect your VHS & Camcorder video tapes?

Have you captured hours of precious VHS, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV, VHS-C, Beta or video format and are unable to watch the footage now? As you probably know these tapes have a limited life span and as the years pass, the quality deteriorates.

Do you find it inconvenient to watch this footage and wish you could relive your treasured memories in a convenient format that will stand the test of time?

Using our state of the art professional transcoding system, we can turn your old video tapes (whatever format they may be) into high quality, archive grade DVDs (with a guaranteed 100 year life span). If you prefer we can also output uncompressed files ready for editing on your PC or Mac.

Our transfer is not a standard DVD recorder recording. Every one of our premium transfers involves many stages, but the main factor to consider is that every video goes via a high end edit station.

The process we use in all our premium transfers is as follows:

  1. Professional equipment used to capture footage at best possible quality
  2. Editing of footage throughout. This includes removing blue or black screen sections and cleaning start and end of vision.
  3. Removal of jitter from edges of footage if required
  4. Chaptering to final DVD
  5. Enhancing of video containing white fuzz
  6. Dolby Digital audio
  7. Two pass variable bit rate encoding
  8. Minimum of Verbatim media used with option to upgrade to gold plated archive grade discs.
  9. Custom printed discs and paper parts with your details.
  10. Experienced operator completes the entire process

We never use domestic DVD recorders for our premium transfer service. If you don't need the extra attention explained above, we do offer a budget transfer process.

We cater for formats including: VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHC, Beta, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 & Umatic 3/4inch, MiniDV, Digital 8, DVCam. If your format is not listed, please give us a call to discuss.

Editing your footage

At the time we capture your video footage to our analog to digital conversion, editing and authoring systems, we can also provide a 'digital re-mastering' service to correct faults & enhance your original footage. See out Contact us for details of our 3 offices.
Need the format of your footage converted for use overseas? We offer high quality PAL, NTSC and SECAM transfers so you can use your video footage in any country.

Quality - it's what sets us apart

We are committed to our long term future in this industry. With over 16 years experience, we know that without a quality product and customer focus, we will lose our reputation fast - you can count on us to provide you with a great quality product every time.

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