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Our CE & FCC Certified USB drives (also known as thumb drives, flash drives, USB sticks,memory sticks or jump drives) meet strict QC inspections and are tested a minimum of 3 times before they reach you. Our USB Drives are perfect for targeting a specific market whilst being environmentally friendly and representing a smarter and more cost effective alternative to print media. Below are some of the most commonly ordered USB Drives.

Pen Drives

Our Pen Drives provide everything you need for a mobile lifestyle. These sleek writing tools have a plug and play USB flash memory drive hidden within the pen, making them both a useful and effective marketing product.


  • Refillable ink cartridges
  • USB 1.1 or 2.0 compliant
  • High reliability and access rate
  • Durable Finish with all metal body components
  • Shock and Crush Resistance
  • Same size as a normal pen
  • Flash drive completely sealed
  • Sleek, brushed aluminum barrel

Finger Print Drives

Safely protecting your data has never been so easy than with our Fingerprint recognition USB drives. Predominantly manufactured in black, these USB drives feature a built in fingerprint reader to securely protect your data. No more complicated passwords, with the touch of a finger you can instantly acess you data, while keeping your data secure.

USB Branding and Data Services

We offer a range of print and data services to personalise your USB drive. The branding methods we use are determined by the product type and material, the most common options are featured below. Whether you're planning a conference, marketing campaign or a corporate gift, look no further than a custom printed USB drive.

USB Branding
Screen Printing

Most suitable printing option for logos with multiple colours that have no shading or colour gradation. A new stencil is made for each colour and are printed sequentially.
Engraved/ Etched Printing

Only available for metal USBs. The logo is transferred to the product by 'marking' the product with a laser. Using a computer, the position and movement of the laser can be accurately controlled to achieve a very precise and clean finish.
Artwork Requirements:

The format of your logo artwork should be:
Hi res CMYK PDF or .JPG (min 300 dpi)
All fonts must be embedded or outlined (flattened image)
USB Data Services

We offer a variety of innovative options to help you effectively deliver your message to your client. From a simple PDF catalogue to a detailed auto loading flash presentation, we can help you add value and a lasting impact to your promotional marketing campaign.
Data Service Options

Standard PreLoad - The content from your master will be duplicated to each individual drive allowing your client to access the material as required.

Menu-Prompt Autorun - Window’s default menu-prompt will feature a custom option, directing users to access your preloaded data. This option is perfect to target your market and getting your message across without being aggressive.

Autoplay Autorun – Most popular option. Preloaded data will automatically appear once the user inserts the USB Drive.
• Please note, this feature can be disabled from Windows by the user or an administrator. The pre loaded data will still be accessible, but will not appear automatically.

Portable Security – Highest Level of security protection with unique fingerprint access control.
Please note this type of security is only available to our FingerPrint USB Drives.

Non erasable Content – Part or all pre loaded data can be non-erasble by locking them in a CD-ROM partition. This section of the USB Drive will be treated as part of the CD that cannot be overwritten or deleted.

Portable Applications – Applications such as mozilla firefox or MSN messenger are becoming popular portable applications that do not need installation on a PC as they run directly off a USB drive. These applications are becoming very popular and widely available.

Hidden Files – Certain preloaded data may have some support files that could like overwhelming on the USB Drive. This option is for clients who would like to hide their support files to keep their USB Drives organised.

USB Packaging

Whether its budget packaging for promotional giveaways, retail packaging or high quality corporate gift boxes, we can offer customised packaging options to help you brand and personalise your product.

Request Information

For a further information feel free to contact our Perth office via phone on (08) 9388 0800 or Sydney on (02) 9091 0300 or by emailing us.