Super 8 to DVD / 8mm, 16mm Film to DVD transfers & conversions

Quality super 8, 8mm or 16mm film conversions to DVD or Blu-Ray

For the ultimate in film transfer look no further than our frame by frame film capture process, available in HD or SD format. our process scans every individual frame of your film before outputting a DVD (digital file or digital tape if you prefer) at the highest resolution possible.

Until recently HD or even SD frame by frame 8mm and super 8 film transfer was out of most peoples budget. Our recent massive investment in the latest film transfer technology means we have the equipment to transfer your films in a reasonable time frame and at the absolute best level of quality you will find any where.

Vivid, sharp transfers scanned frame by frame from the emulsion side of your film mean no flicker, no fuzzy or cropped edges, no burnt out frames or damage to your film. A smooth, clean transfer completed without nasty sprocket transport - this means no risk of damage to your film during the process.

Why transfer your films?

No matter how carefully you store your 8mm, super 8 or 16mm films, they will not last forever. In fact we regularly relatively young film (around 20-25 years) which has already deteriorated to the point where picture quality has suffered extensively.

Without wanting to cause fear, if your films are important to you we recommend you take action before it's too late. Factors such as heat, moisture, exposure to light and age all contribute to film quality degradation. Once the deterioration has started, it's impossible to reverse. Whilst we have some means to restore the image quality, nothing beats film that is in clean original condition.

Our transfer process include the following as standard:

  • Frame by frame scanning through enlarged gate for full frame
  • Maximum resolution scan
  • Manual density and colour correction
  • LED light to reduce heat and risk of damage to film
  • No fuzzy edges
  • No sprockets used in playback of film
  • No jitter
  • No black frames
  • No flicker
  • Deep, vivid colours
  • Crystal clear focus during film capture
  • Brightness enhancement where possible
  • Removal of black, clear or unusable footage

Please mark your films in order of date and /or preference ie, 1, 2, 3 that you would like them to appear on your DVD. If no order is specified, we will convert them as they come out of the box.
If you don't know what's on your films, we have viewers, editors, splicing kits, reels and projectors available for hire and for sale.
Generally, if more than eight 3-inch (50ft) rolls of film are involved, we will splice them together onto a brand new 400 ft reel including a new case to preserve them and this is how they will be returned to you. If you want them left on 3" reels, please let us know and we can quote you accordingly. We only use genuine Kodak Professional Splicing Cement and/or Kodak Splicing Tapes.

We fit up to 90 minutes of continuous footage onto a final DVD (almost double that for a dual layer DVD). We don't recommend compression video to increase this as you'll end up with a loss in quality of your final disc - not worth it when the preceeding process produces such a high quality result.

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