DVD - a bargain storage medium

With Blu-Ray well and truly taking off now, it’s easy to discount the relevance of DVD as a future medium.

Sure, DVD doesn’t cater for full hi-definition (1920 x 1080) screen resolution, pure HD audio, the powerful interactivity of Blu-Ray menu…or the incredible 25gb of data storage offered by Blu-Ray.But wait…25Gb of storage?

Whilst DVD-5 only allows for a mere 4.7Gb of storage, the DVD-9 which has been around for many years will store a respectable 9.4Gb of data, or over 3 hours of video at a respectable quality. Still not 25Gb like the single layer BD25 Blu-Ray disc (or the mind blowing 50Gb offered by the big brother dual layer blu-ray disc (BD50).

When comparing current blank media prices, dual layer DVD still offers the more attractive price for the purchase of blank media, but especially so for manufactured runs of 500 or more DVD9. While the transition from CD to DVD was essentially a sideways step (CD is still the preferred medium for audio, while DVD was primarily a video based format), it’s a different story entirely for DVD and Blu-Ray.

DVD is a dying medium, with Blu-Ray offering a vastly superior step forward for the video format. Many of the features offered by BD just aren’t available with DVD and will sound the death knell for DVD over the coming years. This leaves a problem for DVD manufacturing plants with lines and lines of DVD replication pressing equipment.

No doubt this will result in continually dropping prices for DVD-5 and DVD-9 over the coming years as they try and recoup as much of the costs from this equipment as possible before it’s too late.