CD, DVD and BD duplication master checklist

Duplication of CD, DVD and BD (using blank media and duplication towers) or replication of CD, DVD or BD is a process which requires care and diligence to avoid problems with the final disc.

When duplicating or replicating discs we ask that clients provide a final master disc which is in the exact format that they would like their copies to be. Whilst our verification process will pick up many faults, it’s possible that some types of problems will be missed, resulting in the need for the master to be corrected and duplication completed again – usually at significant cost.

Below is a list of some common master issues we face and proposed methods to ensure these issues are corrected before duplicates are produced.

1. Master has been produced as a multisession CD. Multisession discs are problematic in duplication and will result in copies that are not as widely compatible as disc at once, single session discs.

2. Master discs is supplied with physical scratches, scuffing, finger prints etc. Whilst we check for issues of this nature, it can sometimes be missed and duplication may pass with data errors going unnoticed. To prevent delays, clients should always take care to provide master discs in a hard case with the disc free from physical defect.

3. Disc has not been finalized. Please always ensure master discs are finalized before being provided for duplication.

4. Master discs has been made on poor quality media. There is an increased risk of error if poor quality media is used. Please contact us if you need assistance, we would be happy to provide you with good quality blank disc to burn your master to at no cost.

5. Master disc has not been prepared to the relevant Philips standard. If you need more information about this requirement, please contact us – we’ll be glad to assist with further information.

6. Master disc has been supplied with additional files (such as artwork) added to it. Please always supply your master discs exactly as you would like it burnt. If files must be removed by us prior to burning, the risk of error is increased.

7. Content is supplied on a DVD when client required duplication to a CD or vice versa. Please always supply your disc on the exact media you’d like your duplicates supplied.

8. Audio CDs master is supplied with audio as .mp3 or .wav files. It is not a given that client will want their audio copies made as audio CDs (playable in card CD players etc – many people prefer audio as mp3 etc for use in itunes etc). For this reason, we ask that you supply your audio master exactly as you want it copied.

9. DVD / Blu-Ray master is supplied with menu, navigational or encoding issued. These types of errors cannot be detected at duplication stage without significant time spent watching through the entire disk, and even then the problem may be missed. It is essential that you check through the content of your final DVD or BD to ensure that it plays and navigates exactly as you want it to.

10. Master is supplied as a DDP or ISO file without notifying us. We gladly accept masters in these formats, however ask that you let us know to convert the image to a master disc before proceeding to replication or duplication.

We always commit to take all care in duplication or replication process and most issues will be detected at some point throughout the process. Having said this though, the responsibility is on you to supply your master discs exactly as it is to be copied, taking note of the above checkpoints.