Business Card CDs, Mini CDs, Mini DVDs, Business Card DVDs

Business Card CDs and DVDs are one of the fastest growing marketing tool in the world. It's no surprise considering how inexpensive they are!

And the potential uses of Business Card CDs & DVDs are endless – limited only by your creativity

  • Multi-media business cards for company & staff
  • Interactive marketing presentations
  • Product catalogues
  • Product demonstrations
  • Owners manuals
  • Conference & meeting invitations to delegates
  • Annual Reports & Prospectuses
  • Disc-based Web Portfolios
  • Travel brochures

…the list goes on

Three shapes – rectangular (standard business card size); saddle shape and 8cm ‘mini-disc’ - choose which one suits you best

Also have your own design authored & we duplicate

Small personalised quantities (eg for a presentation); or large bulk runs (eg for a PR mass handout to customers & prospects)

Top quality full colour on-CD print

Many excellent packaging & presentation options to suit your budget

Business Card Capacity - includes cross-platform functionality that fits into any standard PC or Mac.

Please note, business card and mini CDs and DVDs are not compatible with slot loading CD or DVD players.

Business Card CD Features:

  • 8cm CD contains 160 Mega Bytes (MB) of Disk Capacity
  • Business Card or Saddle shaped CDs contains 45 Mega Bytes (MB) of Disk Capacity
  • 4 minutes of Video on each CD Business Card
  • 30 minutes of Audio on each CD Business Card
  • 1,500 Pictures and Photos on each CD Business Card
  • 18,000 pages of fully Searchable Text on each CD Business Card

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