Blank CD & DVD Printing Services

Printed blank media gives you the opportunity to produce a professional disc that you can use at your own convenience. This provides an ideal solution for companies that continuously change their software, literature or catalogues.

QuickCopy stock virtually every type of blank CD or DVD available. From budget prices inkjet and thermal media, right through to gold plated, archive grade CDs and DVDs. We hold a large stock of the latest in Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and more. Just call us for pricing.

This blank media range that we're ready to cater for your blank printed media requirements. We offer full colour and mono thermal and inkjet printed CD, DVD and BD discs.

Thermal Printed discs

Whilst thermal print has probably had it's day when it comes to print quality - the latest inkjet technology far exceeds thermal when it comes to fine, photo quality resolution. Having said that, it does have it's place. If you need fast, hi-volume printing in a very short time period, we are best placed to meet your requirements. With a large range of thermal printers, we can output a large number of printed discs in a very short time frame.

Inkjet printed discs

The latest development in high quality, printed blank media is inkjet. Capable of resolutions in excess of 5,700 dpi, colour density and contrast better than offset print at a unit cost just a fraction of thermal, inkjet is nothing like the old generation of disc printers.

Output speed is slow, however we make up for this with a large number of printers (more than 8 commercial grade, auto units) which allows us for cater for almost any demand you may have.

Offset printed discs

For high volume, precise, photo quality disc printing, offset is the best option. The unit cost is low, speed is fast and quality is high making it the perfect option for volumes of 500 or more discs.

Screen printed discs

While screen print produces a poor result for photo reproduction, it is unmatched for spot colour reproduction. Vivid, sharp and accurate for solid colour make this the best solution for 500 or more spot colour printed CDs, DVDs or BDs.