3D Blu-Ray

One thing I've come to understand in the digital media industry is that the progression of formats will never end.

Just when you think we've exhausted the capabilities with the latest and greatest format (I recall the feeling when the 3 1/2 inch floppy replaced the 5 1/4 inch, when CD replaced cassettes and when both DVD and Blu-Ray were released), something is announced that destroys that thought.

Several months ago (December 2009) the Blu-Ray disc association announced that the specifications for 3D Blu-Ray were confirmed paving the way for the translation of the 3D cinema craze to the domestic market through home 3D movie viewing.

The recent spat of Hollywood blockbusters featuring 3D (spearheaded by the most successful movie in history, Avatar) has shown that the public has an insatiable appetite for special effects. 3D TV represents the biggest step forward in this respect since the introduction of surround sound to home hi-fi systems. It's fair to say that along side the continuing advancement of screen size and resolution, the massive growth behind not only home theatre sales but movie sales through the DVD market should be attributed to surround sound systems.

With no real developments since surround sound and the public looking for a compelling reason to continue to pour into significant home movie investments, surely 3D TV must be seen as the saviour of domestic home theatre and movie sales.

The exciting news for those who have already invested in a 2D Blu-Ray player is that there will be no need to invest in new a new player to play 3D (although a 3D compatible television is essential - standard HD TVs will not support 3D playback).

It remains to be seen what the future holds for this exciting industry. Surely virtual reality will always be the holy grail allowing consumers to engage all the senses and instead of viewing from the sidelines, actually feel a part of the movie.